The only oil that has worked


I don’t usually do testimonials, but wanted to give my thanks back to RootMed and let other know how this has truly helped me! I had tried 15 plus different CBD companies in Hope’s of helping my Anxiety, IBS and sleep deprivation. Being born and raised in Oregon, I knew that the possibilities of a CBD could relieve my particular symptoms. Some of the previous oils I had tried would treat one but not the other. And some did nothing at all. I am here to tell you that RootMed did all of the above. I have been able to wing myself completley off of my anxiety medication, which to me is worth it alone. RootMed has allowed me to sleep again at night as well! After having my gallbladder taken out I have formed IBS… RootMed has helped relieve my stomach pain as well! I am personally grateful of how this oil has given me the relief it has and HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot!