RootMed CBD Testimonials:

Where have you been all my life RootMed?

I have always had trouble sleeping even after spending a small fortune on sleep aids and bedding. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about CBD and the many medical benefits it has to offer. Not expecting it to offer sleeping benefits, I was surprised and super excited to find an article about the benefits CBD has on sleep disorders. Even though I researched this product very extensively, I still had fear of trying it but, there was too much to gain so I tried it. I put a few drops under my tongue before going to bed the other night. I SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!! and have every night since. I’m 55 and can’t remember the last time I slept all night. Where have you been all my life RootMed?

Bill Chandler
Lewisville, TX

Amazing results

I’m so in love with the tincture and the lotion. I purchase both and it has made such a difference in my quality of life. Less pain and much better sleep. I’ve suffered for years with insomnia and once I started taking the tincture that has gone. I sleep so sound and so hard now, I still am in shock when I wake and it’s already morning. I haven’t slept through the night in many years! I use the lotion before I go to bed each night and when I wake in the morning as well. I highly recommend both the tincture and the lotion.

S. C. Ward
Ft Worth, Tx

Awesome Product!

I got my husband age 84 to start taking the RootMed CBD tincture and use the lotion about five months ago. He’s been down in his back and his knees for years. The other day his great-great-granddaughter let go of her balloon and hollered at him to catch it for her. He sprinted 30 feet and caught it. He hasn’t run in years. I also swear by it for some of my ailments like gout in my foot and tummy issues. Thank you RootMed for great quality and service.

Dixie Taylor
Sanger, TX

The only oil that has worked

I don’t usually do testimonials, but wanted to give my thanks back to RootMed and let other know how this has truly helped me! I had tried 15 plus different CBD companies in Hope’s of helping my Anxiety, IBS and sleep deprivation. Being born and raised in Oregon, I knew that the possibilities of a CBD could relieve my particular symptoms. Some of the previous oils I had tried would treat one but not the other. And some did nothing at all. I am here to tell you that RootMed did all of the above. I have been able to wing myself completley off of my anxiety medication, which to me is worth it alone. RootMed has allowed me to sleep again at night as well! After having my gallbladder taken out I have formed IBS… RootMed has helped relieve my stomach pain as well! I am personally grateful of how this oil has given me the relief it has and HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot!

Jason Stickel